Our mission is to empower athletes with technology that ensures growth personally and financially to equip them to understand and leverage the unique opportunities they have as competitors.

Issa Hall

Founder & CEO

Attorney & entrepreneur with a vision. There is a solution to every problem it just depends on how relentless our pursuit is to find it. We're applying the Mamba Mentality to Sports Tech.

Madison Savarese

Chief Operating Officer

Strategy & Analytics @ MLB team. Started my own business at 22. Dream Big. Work Hard. Be Unstoppable. Proud to be a Woman in Sports Tech @WiST

Katya Hall

Corporate Strategy & Investor Relations

Katya is highly experienced in corporate strategy, global logistics and investor relations.

Ronard Dixon, Jr

Player Personnel & Esports

Founder of a law firm and sports agency, RJ is also a National Basketball Association Certified Agent and former collegiate basketball player at Catholic University who’s highly experienced in all levels of sports. 

Colm hand

European Sports Adivsor

Colm brings a wealth of knowledge in European sports and operations.


We promise always do what's in the best interest of athletes

Jersey Sponsor was created to help athletes not exploit them, and we're committed to always putting athletes first and in the position to succeed.

The impact of athletics are felt globally, and athletes should have access to more opportunities and a greater share of the revenue they generate.

Our team possesses the unique combination of leadership, experience, diversity and hustle required to bring this project to life.

We're always listening and fine tuning our product based on your needs, and we'll always have your back.

- JS Team


Follow the journey on our sports podcast

A behind the scenes look at the App for Athletes. On the podcast we will cover everything including sports, business, the life of a startup, and helping Athletes make money!

Whether you're an investor, entrepreneur or athlete the podcast will give a look at the struggles and successes of Jersey Sponsor. We are so excited to share our journey with you.

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