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The Newest Member of the YouEconomy

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Jan 13, 2021
The Newest Member of the YouEconomy

In the last decade or so, there has been a steep rise in the possibilities for self-monetization. From driving with Uber, shopping for Instacart, to undertaking freelance work on websites like UpWork, people are now able to take control of their financial future. As an athlete and influencer you are your own brand so why not promote yourself to supplement your interests and passions?

This is what is becoming known as the YouEconomy

The YouEconomy is described by as a “global network of people taking the future of work into their own hands”. Through social media, job sites, new business models, and an ever expanding sense of entrepreneurial spirit, financial success is only a step away.

This is where Jersey Sponsor comes in. We are tackling head on what we believe to be a largely overlooked piece of the athlete YouEconomy. For the first time ever using Jersey Sponsor, athletes can share their story to supplement interests and passions that stretch beyond their respective sports and personally promote themselves for sponsorship deals.  

While athletes tend to get most of their income from competition, team contracts, and large endorsements deals, plenty of worthwhile sponsorship opportunities fall under the radar. We're giving athletes the power to create and capitalize on an entire world of overlooked opportunities

Jersey Sponsor knows better than anyone that Athletes are more than just players on the field. They are real people with real interests and passions. Our mission is to provide a platform where athletes can promote themselves in a way that showcases their stories, provides a creative outlet for their interests, and is personally conducive to worthwhile monetization.

Brands are shifting towards influencers who have an incredible relationship with their audience, and there are few better than athletes when it comes to having great rapport with their followers. Athletes share their journey, hard work, passions, and other personal experiences that makes for very engagement worthy content, both for themselves and their audience. In the end, such relationships create an impressively positive impact for brands aiming to promote their products

The YouEconomy has a new player and it’s YOU, the athlete. Join us today and see how Jersey Sponsor can help you express your passion to brands and impact your financial future for the better.

If you’re still left with questions as to how Jersey Sponsor can help you promote your personal brand, our team is always here to help. Just email us at

Take control of your story and be part of the newest member in the YouEconomy!

By Nic Mulitz

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