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Jan 13, 2021


Sporting events are centered around the activities of the participating athletes.  We watch to see the dunks, the touchdowns, the goals, the comradery of our team, the joy and the ability to escape the perils of the day and and at least temporarily live through the athletes who get to live out our sports fantasies.  

Athletic events are presented in a manner that could make us come to the conclusion that they are being held out of the courtesy and charity of the arenas and sponsors.


Athletes are the main draw.  Athletes bring crowds. Athletes excited audiences. The crowds are the prize to brands and contain the target markets that corporations are willing to spend major money to get in front of.  If the draw of athletics could be replicated or replaced in another fashion, with random bodies, or replaced with technology it would have been done long ago.  Athletes cannot be replaced as they have earned their positions through hard work and elite skills that cannot be faked nor replicated by anyone else.

On the youth, amateur, and professional levels athletics are billion dollar industries.  Yet, on all levels athletes are presented as being dependents in the power structure of how their sports are run and are sometimes excluded from the revenue, value, and data that that their hard work has generated.

In the world of collegiate sports, yes scholarships are very important and academics and education are critical for the futures of student athletes.  BUT in the world of business, if someone is paying you (or not) to do something it is a sure bet they are benefiting much more from you than you are from them.  

With Jersey Sponsor, athletes finally have the ability to know their true value and be educated on how it may be leveraged to their advantage.  We're providing athletes with opportunity, facts, and data to make sure that just as in sports where fairness and competition are sacred, the business of sports will be too.  

We cannot wait for you to join us and hope that you are just as excited as we are about finally delivering the power of what's been earned to the athletes who've earned it.


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